IIT K or IIT Kgp or IIT M better for EC in general

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IIT K or IIT Kgp or IIT M better for EC in general

Postby basilmk » Fri May 04, 2012 8:13 pm

hi, i have a major confusion. which would be better , IIT K / Kgp / M ?( placement wise too ) and does Delhi stay above these three ?

please help. thanks.
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Re: IIT K or IIT Kgp or IIT M better for EC in general

Postby binoy2345 » Sat May 19, 2012 9:01 pm


GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is an All-India exam conducted by IITs each year for the admission into M.Tech programme of different institutes including IITs itself. The validity of GATE Scorecard is two years. While other IITs are conducting M.Tech admission either based on Gate Score (IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, IIT Kanpur, IIT Chennai, IIT Guwahati) or normalised Gate marks (IIT Roorkee), IITKGP is following a funny, strange rule for GATE admission for the last three years. They are sorting candidates based on the 70% weightage given to marks obtained out of 100 in GATE Paper and 30% weightage to Personal Interview conducted by them (http://gate.iitkgp.ac.in/mtech/ SELECTION). But marks obtained in a paper vary considerably from year to year and from stream to stream. IIT Roorkee has already published the list of highest marks obtained in GATE 2011 and GATE 2012 for different paper codes.

IITKGP does not consider this variation assuming the level of difficulty of question in both the years will be considered to be the same. But here lies the fallacy! Had the question difficulty level being same in both the years, why 1,77,000 candidates appearing in GATE 2012 has obtained less marks than corresponding 1,38,000 candidates of GATE 2011 having same AIR? Does it prove that AIR 1 of GATE 2011 is more brilliant than AIR 1 of GATE 2012 or does it prove that their basic assumption is a myth? Due to all these reasons, this time a strange thing is happening.

Heighest marks obtained in EC in Gate 2011 was 91 and in 2012 is 67. In 2011, 67 marks in EC would result in an AIR 232. But due to this funny sorting procedure, AIR 232 of 2011 and AIR 1 of 2012 for EC will be given the same priority while allocating. To have the same priority with AIR 1 of EC Gate 2011, AIR 1 of EC Gate 2012 has to obtain 16.8 marks more in the interview, provided the interview marks are given in 30 which is absolutely impossible. AIR 2 (EC) of 2012 obtained 61 marks (approx) whereas in 2011, marks around 61 would produce an AIR 550+. So, AIR 2 of 2012 and AIR 550+ of 2011 will be given same priority while allocating their seats. So there may be a situation where hardly 1-2 candidates will be in the final top 50 merit list, based on interview and gate marks. Even the situation may be so critical that AIR 1 of 2012 may not get a seat in the first round.

I think, this is the first time when AIR 500 (2012) with Gate score ~750 is competing with AIR 3000 (2011) with Gate score ~550 for the admission in IITKGP and more surprisingly, is lagging because, AIR 500 (2012) got Gate marks ~43 whereas AIR 3000 (2011) got marks ~47! Can you guys think a student of EC Gate 2011 with 42.67 was called for interview here in IITKGP? So there may be a case when AIR 2000 of EC Gate 2011 will be offered a seat while AIR 200 of EC Gate 2012 will be denied. I think, this is the first time in history of all the IITs that AIR 5000+ (GATE 2011) got an interview call from IITKGP and professors have also interviewed them and now they are competing with AIR 500 (GATE 2012)! Later on, we will see that the levels of students coming out of IITKGP are degrading and we will say that it is the quality of students that has gone down. But who is letting them in the IITKGP? It is the IITKGP itself and their ‘stupid’ selection procedure that should be blamed. Isn’t it?

Again consider the interdisciplinary subjects like AT, IM, RE etc. Highest marks obtained in 2012 for CS is 90+ whereas it is lower for other streams. So due to sorting only based upon the 'raw gate marks', CS students are going to get an undue advantage over other departments.

Both of these cases are absolutely not acceptable, I believe. It is like cursing a student for not giving GATE in a particular year and in a particular stream. It must be changed.

There is obviously a nice solution to the above mentioned problem: use of normalised GATE marks as followed by IIT Roorkee. Normalised Gate Marks is the ratio of marks obtained by a candidate and highest marks obtained in the same paper code.
(http://pgadm.iitr.ernet.in/Docs/PG%20Information%20Brochure-2012.pdf P-13.)

IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay are using GATE Score (out of 1000) as a selection criteria (http://www.iitb.ac.in/academic/pgprgm.html, http://ee.iitd.ernet.in/M_TECH_Short_listing_criteria_for_2012-13_Admission.pdf). The criteria of IIT Delhi is also clear from their online published admission results. M.Tech Shortlist for EEA of IIT Delhi clearly shows that the selection is totally based on Gate Score (http://ee.iitd.ernet.in/List_for_M.Tech_Shorlist_EEA_interview_2012-13.pdf).

So guys, if you really want to change this situation mail to Director, Dean (PGS & R), Chairman (Gate), Asst. Chairman (Gate) and all the Professors of IITKGP. Otherwise it will be a total injustice to the candidates of EC 2012 GATE Batch where AIR 2000 of GATE 2011 will be offered a seat while AIR 200-500 of GATE 2012 will be denied. Whatever you guys wish to do, do it quickly. Try to do it within 25th May, 2012, before the web-publishing of the result. The registration of the M.Tech students will be around 15th July, 2012. The admission you may think to be started from 26th May, 2012 itself. So whatever you guys do, do it quickly.
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Re: IIT K or IIT Kgp or IIT M better for EC in general

Postby binoy2345 » Sun May 20, 2012 12:17 pm

vlsi_iitkgp wrote:Hello friends,
I am a MS student of IIT Kharagpur(Microelctronics and Vlsi).When my friend asked me regarding the above post, for a minute

i was in a doubt.But friends ,the above post is completely false.If it is true then why i didnt get a call last time i.e.

in 2011 from E&ECE dept for M.Tech(because in 2010 gate marks cutoff was 44 for general category and in 2011 its 58 or 59 i

guess for interview call in IIT KGP),though i got 44 marks in 2011.
So i would like to say its the oldest IIT as well as an Institute of national importance.So please dont post such type of

fake news to degrade its image and to misguide the aspirants.I would also request the authorities of GATECOUNSELLOR to ban

such type of stupid people from this forum. :evil: :twisted: I think Bishwajeet bhaiya (M.TECH 2012


First of all, I would like to convey my thanks to vlsi_iitkgp for your criticism. It feels really good to know that you are

doing your MS there. Best wishes for your course. Once again thanks for your precious time that you spent in replying over

my post. I am really sorry if I make you angry. Kindly forgive me by treating me as your own brother.

Now I am coming to the post. In your post, you have stated that you got 44 marks in GATE 2011. Cut-off decided by IITKGP for

M.Tech interview were 44 and 58/59 in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Hence you should get a call which didn't happen.

Therefore, my statement is completely false. Am I right, Sir? Before proceeding further I would like to make a small

correction which is in 2011 the interview cut-off was 60. Anyway, it does not matter. Still you think that you should get an

interview call. Right, Sir? NO YOU SHOULD NOT. Because in 2011 the cut-off was 60 for both gate 2010 and gate 2011

candidates. There was not any discrimination between gate 2010 and gate 2011 candidates last year also. Obviously you got 44

in gate 2011. So the cutoff simply drives you out. Had you applied in 2010, you would have surely got a call; but alas! You

gave gate in 2011. So how would you be able to apply in 2010? Sorry sir, you were wrong. Face it.

You are telling that you are an MS student. So why don't you go to the GATE Office on Monday and meet Prof. S. Sen,

Chairman or Prof. D. Deb, Vice - Chairman or Prof. G. P. Rajasekhar, Vice - Chairman and verify whether they are

discriminating the candidates of GATE 2011 and GATE 2012?

To other fellow members, I have a simple request to all of you. I am not asking to believe me blindly. I have never asked

you not to question my statement. But, please, think twice before going against me. Why all of you don't call GATE Office

and verify the procedure of selection whether they are incorporating any distinguishing factor between GATE 2011 and GATE

In the website it is clearly written under the Heading Selection "Marks obtained in GATE and in personal

interview will have 70% and 30% weightage respectively.
" Is there anything written about the discrimination of GATE

2011 and GATE 2012 candidates? At least I can't find anything. Can you?

I talked with all of the office-bearers of GATE Committee; I tried to convince them that they should discriminate between

the two years; but FAILED. They told me, they are not interested in AIR, GATE SCORE, YEAR of GATE Appearance or any other

They are only interested in "Raw Marks", Marks obtained in GATE (out of 100). They told me that this

selection procedure is Senate Approved. So in this procedure everything is CORRECT. That's all.

Finally Who I am? I am a candidate of GATE 2012. I have luckily cleared the cut-off marks; gave a fabulous interview; all

the Professors in the panel wished me luck. But do you know who was the next person going for the interview? He is a GATE

2011 candidate with marks ~49. You can obviously guess what his rank is: ~2000. And I got ~43 with rank ~500 in GATE 2012.

But he has more chance of getting the admission. NOT ME. That's my heart-rending experience back there in IITKGP. This

year, I guess, the interview cut-off is around 40 and it is same for both GATE 2011 and GATE 2012 candidates. So basically

this time, AIR 600 (GATE 2012) is competing with AIR 5000 - 6000 (GATE 2011)! Wow!! This is really nice! Isn't it?

Still you guys are always welcome to criticise me by saying that I am trying to defame IIT Kharagpur; not to believe any

word of mine; Bur believe it or not, IT IS TRUE till now. On 25th of May, 2012 the result will be published and

everything will be clear there. You know, I am really praying to GOD for some miracle. It is my long dream to study at an

IIT. I will be glad most if I am proven wrong. I am just keeping my fingers crossed.
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Re: IIT K or IIT Kgp or IIT M better for EC in general

Postby sharma90 » Mon May 28, 2012 4:38 pm

yeah u were very correct

inspite of getting 236 rank and after a good interview I expected i'll get VLSI but got only microwave

don't know what to do or how to react
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Re: IIT K or IIT Kgp or IIT M better for EC in general

Postby maulikpatel987 » Wed Jul 04, 2012 3:04 pm

still IIT KGP Consider GATE Mark (Instead of GATE SCORE) ??
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