ways for a B. Sc. Physics student of getting into ISRO

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ways for a B. Sc. Physics student of getting into ISRO

Postby etrin » Sun Mar 25, 2012 6:48 pm


I have queries regarding admission process in ISRO. I am presently a B. Sc. Physics student. After the bachelor's degree, what would be better for me... A Master's degree in physics or a Master's degree in Geophysics if I want to get into ISRO? I am guessing I would also need a M. Tech degree after the M.Sc. degree if I am going in that direction, don't I? And also after appearing for GATE, and completing the M. Tech , I am supposed to apply for the ISRO exam. I am confused. Could you tell me the exact name of the exam? And I have heard that there are better opportunities of getting into ISRO if one gets an M. Sc. degree from IISC. Is it true? What about a master's degree from IIT? And does IIST provide M.Sc. degree or only M.Tech? Does that provide an admission in ISRO too?
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Re: ways for a B. Sc. Physics student of getting into ISRO

Postby ANUJ RAJPOOT » Sat May 19, 2012 12:29 pm

ertin, actually as your educational level increases the opportunities increases. depending on the institution the quality of education differ.so its obvious that every where IISc and IITs will get more weightage than others. secondly choice of physics and Geophysics depends on your interest, you can read about two on wikipedia. both are fairly different. according to your interest you can choose one of them. remember success depends on the interest in any field. third is that there are many entry level program for isro you can visit the site of isro and also google. according to the education level there are opportunities so you can find the opportunity with your interest. after M.Tech. you will get different opportunities. fourth MSc and Mtech both has different perspective and different approach in science world. both are totally different and independent of each other. but according to qualifying degree you may require the M.Sc. degree.
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